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I'm terrible at writing bios. I'm 23, from Pennsylvania, and I'm a huge geek. I love comics, Star Trek, British literature, and a number of other delightful things.

I watch entirely too many BBC shows. I read too much fanfic, as well. I'm currently an English tutor, so I'm fairly poor. :P

That's all I've got for now!

Well the above was written seven years ago. I don't want to delete it because there's just something about it that seems kind of amusing to me. I'm no longer an English tutor. I work in a library. I'm studying Information Technology. I've recently turned 30. I'm still a huge geek, and I do love comics, Star Trek, British literature, and BBC shows still. In fact, I just finished watching an episode of Endeavour. Not much has changed, and everything has changed. That's generally how things go, I think. I may or may not be around here much. Send a comment to one of my visible journal entries if you want my tumblr or twitter info.
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