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2017-04-05 09:11 pm

Thanks, dreamwidth!

I had no idea I managed to transfer my LJ entries over here ages ago. I sure am glad I did because of the new TOS rolled out over there. I'm not even sure why I kept my account around for so long. Habit? Nostalgia? I may never blog regularly again, outside of the tumblr format, but the LJ of the past will always have a place in my heart, and maybe I can start again over here one day :D
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2012-10-25 05:23 pm

Friends Only: Edited 12/24/2008

Header by the glorious, wonderful, brilliant [ profile] wingedparadox who makes my life so much prettier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Friending Policy: I will typically friend anyone who comments on this post. I will NOT friend anyone back who chooses to friend me without first contacting me (via this post or through an e-mail, I'm not picky). This is excepting friendships made in communities and the like. I love friends, but the best way to get along is to properly introduce yourself.

This journal is barely related to fandom, though fandom themed entries may pop up from time to time. Sadly, the vast majority of this journal is filled with random tidbits of information about my RL including school, nutjob friends, slightly saner friends, crazy stalkers, wonderful new friends, great teachers and mentors, etc.